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Bologna new offices


SPADA PARTNERS, partner of the VIP Program at Arte Fiera Bologna opening 13 May, inaugurated the exhibition spaces at its new studio in the region’s Emilia Romagna region’s capital with a special show by Chiara Camoni and Luca Bertolo: 1897. Where are we going?

Chiara Camoni and Luca Bertolo share a predilection for things outdated. In different ways and works, both look for a way out—and not at a travel agent—from the eternal present as old tomorrow as yesterday’s news. Both move along rails not easy to perceive: shadow, distance, appeal. For Camoni, the archaic represents a reservoir of contemporaneity that like some Earth mother that helps the world (and children, and the woods, and materials) give birth. Among other marvels, nymphs or clay figurines representing a femininity closer to that of Demeter than Aphrodite are born. Bertolo’s paintings incessantly invoke things beyond the image represented, sometimes even beyond the beyond. Born through an effective or presumed stratification, his images involve the unpeeling of an onion, stripping a rose of its petals.