Close assistance in tax matters.

Spada Partners has several decades of experience in providing tax advice to domestic and international clients. The Firm is renowned for its extremely careful tax planning and management of complex restructuring operations, including tax due diligence in acquisition transactions to support private equity funds and industrial players.

The daily assistance provided to clients with regard to their relations with the Tax Authorities includes the drafting of requests for rulings and management thereof with the competent offices.

The activity of Spada Partners is focused on providing advice on tax, corporate, and accounting matters and is characterized by investigations into, updates and research on the professional case history. The major clients of Spada Partners are medium and large companies working in the industrial, commercial, financial, and insurance sectors.


Corporate taxation.

The Firm provides its clients with ongoing assistance on tax (direct and indirect taxation) and financial reporting matters on routine administration issues in all phases of the client’s development. It also manages accounting and tax requirements applicable to OIC adopters and IFRS entities and provides professional advice also for the preparation of yearly separate and consolidated financial statements, as well as for periodic reporting.


The Firm provides assistance on VAT matters, both in relation to domestic transactions (including real-estate transactions, VAT grouping schemes and VAT groups) and to intra-Community and international transactions.


The Firm also provides assistance on international taxation issues (application of double taxation conventions, preparation of rulings and MAP’s). Thanks to the collaboration of foreign advisors belonging to its international network (XLNC), the Firm can support its clients in all aspects of their business that may have international fiscal implications.


The Firm has gained remarkable experience in providing tax assistance for extraordinary transactions by consistently cooperating with domestic and international private equity funds and family offices. It delivers tax due diligence services and assistance for the development of structure memo aimed at optimizing the identification of acquisitions from a tax and corporate perspective.


The Firm has a long-standing experience with the qualitative, quantitative, and methodological analyses required under the applicable transfer pricing regulations and, hence, can help its clients to prepare the necessary supporting documents (Master Files and Country Files).


The Firm supports its clients in all their relations with the Tax Authorities, both in the pre-litigation and in the litigation stages, with regard to direct and indirect taxes, international taxation, and transfer pricing. It also provides assistance for the preparation of requests for ruling addressed to the Tax Authorities.


Over the years, the Firm has consolidated its experience in family and succession planning, advice in the event of transfer of the tax residence to a foreign country or from a foreign country to Italy, and in assisting businesses and managers with all issues concerning the development and implementation of incentive plans (stock options, warrants, carried interests). The Firm’s advisors also provide for the fulfilment of all declarative requirements.


Finally, the Firm’s portfolio of services also includes accounting and business consulting, assistance in the preparation of financial statements, management of the connected issues, and fulfilment of corporate requirements; assistance in secretarial activities for the fulfilment of recurring corporate requirements (bookkeeping, drafting of minutes, compliance with obligations resulting from the approval of financial statements, etc.); keeping of accounts.