“Those who rely on us know that they can count on strong, skilled and discreet partners, capable of listening and explaining each and every action taken in the best interest of individuals, their families and businesses.” 

Roberto Spada

Piedmontese from Cuneo by birth and Milanese at heart, Roberto Spada started his career in 1986 and in 1989 he joined the firm that would then become Spada Partners, of which he is now the Managing Director.

He has two university degrees, one in Business and Economics and one in Law, he is a qualified chartered accountant and has been registered with the Board of Chartered Accountants of Milan since 1987. He is also a registered auditor pursuant to Italian Ministerial Decree of 12 April 1995, published in Official Gazette no. 31/bis of 21 April 1995, and obtained post-graduate diplomas in international taxation.

He mainly works on corporate restructuring transactions – mergers, demergers, and transfers of assets – and on mergers and acquisitions. His professional expertise covers taxation of financial and banking entities, stock brokerage companies, asset management companies and other regulated financial activities. Additionally, Alberto Spada offers assistance in insolvency procedures and produces reports pursuant to articles 67, 182 bis and 161 of the Italian Bankruptcy Law. He practices as an expert on fiscal and corporate matters and on international taxation issues as well as on business valuations. He serves as a Member of Boards of Directors and Boards of Statutory Auditors of major Italian listed and non-listed companies.

Gifted with great curiosity and a vitality that extends well beyond professional success, Roberto Spada has a boundless passion for contemporary art, traveling, and oriental cultures. In few years, he assembled a remarkable collection of paintings and sculptures, which literally poured out of his house to unconventionally flow into the firm offices in Milan, Rome, and Bologna. His knack for discovering and launching young, talented artists combines with the spirit of the art collector to endorse promotional and sponsorship initiatives.

He is fluent in Italian and English.